Features of the Zamurai Mobile Whiteboard


Whiteboard faster by simply dragging the images and objects you want onto the canvas. Your work is more readable, and you create more quickly.


When you do want to draw, Zamurai offers a rich, flexible drawing tool with natural expression.


When you want to type, you have a full keyboard with formatting for naming, labeling, and capturing quick notes.

Icon Library

To help you quickly create your whiteboards, Zamurai comes with three libraries of icons – including Sketch, 2D, and 3D images. You just touch and drag them onto the canvas. You can also easily add any image from your photo library. (in-app purchase)

Icon Library

Library Manager

You can customize your library of icons using our native icons or adding your own. Mix and match to create the libraries that will help you capture your thoughts and discussions. Zamurai can even import large sets of custom icons for businesses looking to provide a branded experience for their employees and sales force. Please contact Zamurai for more information. (in-app purchase)

Zoom and Infinite Space

To capture the infinite number of ideas you have, Zamurai provides an infinite canvas. You can zoom in to a specific item as well as zoom out to see the whole picture – or add more information. You’ll never have to erase part of your whiteboard for more space again.

Easy Name

You want to move quickly when you whiteboard. So Zamurai offers Easy Name. When Zamurai knows the name of the icon, just double tap to get its name. It’s that fast and easy.

Natural Drawing

Zamurai’s draw tool is designed with natural expression. This lets your lines and strokes look and feel more personal – more human. You can select from a wide range of colors and adjust your stroke thickness. Zamurai even offers a highlighter tool. Try doing that on a physical whiteboard.

Keyboard and Formatting

Beyond a full keyboard, you have the ability to format your text. Choose size, color, bold, alignment, as well as border and fill color.

Lines and Shapes

Add lines, elbows, and basic shapes to any whiteboard you are creating. Choose from a wide range of colors, adjust your line thickness, or even add arrows. You can also change the opacity of the fills inside your shapes.

Easy Connect

On a touch device, connecting lines and elbows to shapes or other objects can be hard because your finger gets in the way. Zamurai makes connecting easy. Zamurai automatically displays a magnifying glass when you get close to connecting. This lets you see all the detail you need, so you can make every connection.


Simple and intuitive layering lets you move images to the front or back, or anywhere in between, depending on your needs.

Manage Your Whiteboards

Manage all whiteboards in the Portfolio. Group, search, rename, copy, delete, or share all right from the Zamurai Portfolio.

Talk To Your Whiteboard

Don’t want to type? Don’t. Just tap the microphone screen and speak. Your words will appear in Zamurai. Creating your whiteboards has never been easier.

Share Your Whiteboard

Beyond saving and sharing a PDF or JPG, Zamurai lets you share an editable Zamurai Whiteboard (ZWB file) with other Zamurai users. Simply email your whiteboard to anyone with Zamurai, and they can open and keep on editing, adding their own thoughts and ideas. They can email it back to you, and you can continue the collaboration. (in-app purchase)

Project Your Whiteboard

Your ideas look great in Zamurai. But they look even better when projected in a meeting. Share your ideas in meetings or capture a discussion in real time. Now with Whiteboard Only mode, others will not see any tool bars, keyboards, libraries, etc. You can connect wirelessly to a large monitor and mirror your iPad® via Apple TV® or even AirServer or Reflector. You can also use a standard Apple® VGA, DVI, or HDMI adaptor to directly connect to a large screen or a projector.

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